Toxel Pro

Toxel Pro

Superior Mycotoxin Binding


25 kg


Toxel Pro contains Double Layer HSCAS (polar mycotoxins), Triple Layer HSCAS (non-polar mycotoxins), Antioxidants, Yeast Cell Walls


Toxel Pro is a synergistic blend of specifically selected mycotoxin binders. Toxel Pro contains multi-layered modified minerals, yeast sources and anti-oxidants, which inactivate, adsorb and bind both polar and non-polar mycotoxins (Aflatoxin (AFL), Ochratoxin (OTA), T-2 Toxin, Fuminosin B2 and Zearalenone (ZEN)) at maximum. The modified minerals are registered by EFSA for the reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins (category-1, functional group m, EU No. 1060/2013).

The mode of action of Toxel Pro is:

1. Adsorption of mycotoxins (HSCAS): Several types of modified Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminium Silicates (double and multiple layer HSCAS) function as a chemical sponge and adsorb mycotoxins in the Gastro Intestinal Tract. The most important characteristics of these HSCAS are their unique structure, the total negative or positive ionic charge & charge-distribution, the size of the pores and the accessible surface. All these specific characteristics result in a maximum adsorption of AFL (B1, B2, G1, G2), OTA, T2-Toxin and ZEA.

2. Binding of mycotoxins(ß-Glucans): Yeast Cell Walls contain polysaccharides (Glucans & Mannans), proteins and lipids, which contain numerous easily accessible ‘adsorption centres’ using different binding mechanisms: Hydrogen bonds, Vanderwaals bonds and ionic or hydrophobic interactions.

3. Prevention of oxidativestress (Anti oxidants): Some mycotoxins function as free radicals (OTA, T2-Toxin and DON). The anti-oxidants present in Toxel Pro protect against cell damage, lipid peroxidation and damage to essential nutrients.

4. Increase of immuneactivation (MOS): Mannan oligosaccharide (having high degree of antigenicity) stimulates the liver to secrete mannose-binding protein. This protein subsequently binds to the capsule of bacteria and triggers the immune response via the complement system. Complement marks antigens for phagocytic cell destruction.Beta-glucans prime the immune system and enablequick and more extended immune response.


  • • Broad Spectrum binding of the mycotoxins present in the feed i.e. Maximum Protection.
  • • Selective binding to mycotoxins leads to no Vitamin or Amino Acid Chelation.
  • • Formation of irreversible complexes with mycotoxin that will be excreted from the body.
  • • Helps in maintaining the immune status of the birds in mycotoxin affected birds.
  • • The essential nutrients availability will be maintaines.
  • • Improves the overall performance of the birds.
  • • No residual effects or Withdrawal Period.

Inclusion Levels:

Prevention/ Low Risk Feed : 0.5-1 Kg / ton of feed

Therapeautic/ High Risk Feed : Up to 2.5 Kg / ton of feed

OR As suggested by the Nutritionist