Simvite CEE

Simvite CEE

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Premix for Animal Nutrition


1 kg, 25 Kg


Vitamin C :
(as Ascorbic Acid Coated)
NLT 90 %
Carrier : Q.S.


Vitamin C (chemical names: ascorbate and ascorbic acid [AA]) is a 6-carbon lactone that is synthesized from glucose by poultry including many animals. Birds have the ability to synthesize AA but this ability is insufficient under stress conditions such as high or low environmental temperature, R.H, high productive rate and parasite infestation. Broiler chicks with higher growth rates have a high demand for antioxidant defense and thus a higher vitamin C requirement.


Deficiency symptoms results due to exposure to stressors that induces responses which include elevation in plasma concentrations of corticosteroids (upto five-fold increase), protein, glucose, and sodium as well as decreases in potassium and the relative weights of adrenal, bursa, spleen and thyroid which causes decreased immune response,To minimize stress load, the bird reduces feed intake and as a result production will fall.


  • • Antioxidant and immune system modulation
  • • Beneficial effect on growth rate, egg production, egg shell strength and thickness
  • • Favors male reproduction
  • • Involved in calcification of bones and teeth
  • • Required for differentiation of connective tissue
  • • Adaptation to stress
  • • Maintenance of electrolytic balance
  • • Increases resistance to a combined Newcastle disease virus, Mycoplasma gallissepticum infection and to a secondary E. coli infection, as well as to a primary E. coli challenge (Takahashi et al., 1991).


As recommended by the Nutritionist