Simvite 100

Simvite 100

Vitamin B12 preparation for animal nutrition in Premixes and Compound Feed


1 kg, 25 Kg


Each kg contains
Vitamin B12 : 100 mg
Carrier : Q.S.


Vitamin B12 (Chemical name: Cyanocobalamin) is involved in the formation of haemoglobin, it is an essential part of several enzyme systems, with most reactions involving the transfer or synthesis of methyl groups. Most important function of vitamin B12 is in the metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins, it also functions in carbohydrate and fat metabolism


In growing chicks - Reduces body weight gain, feed intake, FCR and Anemia, nervous disorder
Secondary effect - Leg weakness and perosis. Perosis may occur in vitamin B12-deficient chicks when the diet lacks choline, methionine, or betaine as a source of methyl groups.
Additional clinical signs - Gizzard erosion, and fatty deposits in the heart, liver, and kidneys
Most obvious signs - Poor feathering and mortality
In hens - Decrease in body weight and egg production with important influence on egg size


  • • Required for normal growth, metabolism and formation of blood.
  • • It is directly involved in the synthesis of some amino acids.
  • • It can cure perosis caused due to choline or methionine deficiency.
  • • Improves body weight gain and egg size along with proper feathering
  • • Improves overall performance

Inclusion Level

Broiler : 220 g per tonne of feed
Replacement : 220 g per tonne of feed
Layer : 100 g per tonne of feed
Breeder : 150 g per tonne of feed

Ensure trough and uniform mixing