Vetmin Poultry (Organic Trace Minerals Premix)

Vetmin Poultry

Organic Mineral Premixes


25 Kg


Complete blend of highly bio available organic trace minerals containing Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Ferrous, Selenium, Cobalt, Chromium and iodine in organic forms.


VETMIN Poultry is a cost-effective and complete blend of highly-bioavailable Organic Trace Minerals, designed to improve overall performance of Broilers, Layers and Broiler Breeders.
Organic Trace Minerals in VETMIN POULTRY are bound to amino acids, which provide Protection against interaction with other components or minerals in feeds. Inclusion rates of Organic Trace Minerals can thus be objectively optimized. As their absorption mechanism is the same as established for amino acids, this results in better Bio-availability of minerals.


Meeting bird's requirements of micronutrients, leading to normal health, production and reproduction.


  • • Enhanced growth, productivity and profits,
  • • Oxidative and acid-base balance,
  • • Increased dermal and intestinal integrity,
  • • Structural benefits (bone, footpad, eggshell strength etc.),
  • • Improved immunity and wellness, and
  • • Improved ecology due to reduced excretion of trace minerals in the environment.

Inclusion Levels

In Feed:
Broilers: 500 gm / ton of feed
Breeders: 1 Kg / ton of feed
Layers (<45 weeks): 350 gm / ton of feed
Layers (>45 weeks): 500 gm / ton of feed