ProGroVet (Growth Promoter)

ProGroVet (Growth Promoter)

Anti biotic Growth Promoter


Using one antibiotic as an Antibiotics Growth Promoter by Poultry Farmer is quite common.
Short comings of single antibiotic usage:

  • Narrow antibiotic range
  • • Developing resistance

Combination of antibiotics in proper ratio will overcome the short comings of single antibiotic usage. ProGro-Vet is a scientifically formulated combination of Colistin & Doxycycllin which give us Growth & Protection hand in hand

Colistin Sulphate: is a poly peptide Antibiotic effective against Gram –ve organism eg. Salmonella , Ecoli etc.
Doxycycline: is effective against gram +ve organism, in synergy with colistin is covering most of bacteria.



Each Kg. contains

Colistin Sulphate 2 gm
Doxycycline HCl 10 gm
Base q.s.


  • • Better F.C.R.
  • • To control & prevent subclinical infections.
  • • To control and prevent bacterial diarrhea.
  • • To prevent uneven & retarded growth.
  • • To improve livability.

Inclusion Levels

500 gm/ ton of feed in broilers
500-1000 gm/ton of feed in layers (one week per month)
2 Kg/ ton of feed in breeders (one week per month)


1 KG, 25 KG