HiZyme (Multi-Enzyme)


Multi Enzyme Blend


1 Kg, 25 Kg


Forzyme is composed of:

  • • Amylase
  • • Xylanase
  • • Beta-Glucanase
  • • Pectinase
  • • Cellulase
  • • Protease
  • • Lipase
  • • Mannanase


FORZYME is a scientifically tested, synergistic and perfectly balanced combination of different enzymes. It breaks down the Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSPs), protein, crude fibre and crude fat present in corn, soya, DORB, etc. The synergistic combination of enzymes enhances sugar release and protein bound with NSPs.


  • • Releases hidden nutrients for better utilization
  • • Improves weight gain and FCR
  • • Allows to economise feed formulation- Least Cost Formulation
  • • Reduces gut viscosity


  • Increases the flexibility of formulating the feed , resulting in better performance of the birds, without adding any extra cost to the feed.
  • Increases the availability of Proteins (Amino acids), metabolizable Energy, Vitamins and Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium etc.
  • Reduces the viscosity of the gut, resulting into proper passage of the ingesta, reducing the loose dropping and avoiding the wet litter conditions.
  • Improves the intestinal mucosal integrity and intestinal immunity.
  • Increases feed intake, weight gain and improved FCR.

Inclusion Levels

In Feed: 500 g / ton of feed
OR As recommended by nutritionist .