HiZyme P-5000 (Phytase)

Forzyme P-5000

Phytase Enzyme


20 KG Drum


FORZYME P-5000 is composed of 5000 FTU /gram of Phytase enzyme on a free flowing carrier, converted in micro granules for uniform distribution in feed .


• Phytase is an enzyme capable of breaking down Phytates in feed to release inorganic phosphorus and Inositol as well as amino acids trace minerals and other nutrients.
• Reduces the phosphorus waste by 30-50 %


  • • Reduces the supplementations of costly inorganic phosphorus.
  • • Hydrolyzes phytates present in feed ingredients /raw materials to release phytates phosphorus.
  • • Increases utilization efficiency of minerals , protein & nutrients.
  • • Effectively replaces the DCP ( Die Calcium Phosphates ) & MCP.
  • • Increases the space in feed formula to improve feed quality.
  • • Reduces the risk of heavy metals poisoning & microbial pollution caused by DCP , Bone meal , & MCP.
  • • Micro granulated product for better mixing in feed.


Broilers : 100 gm/ton of feed
Layers : 60 gm/ ton of feed
Breeders : 460 gm / ton of feed