Emulsivet Advance

Emulsivet Advance

The Most Advance Nutritional Emulsifier and Absorption Enhancer


25 kg


Emulsivet Advance is a special combination of Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol Ricinoleate, Lysophospholipids and Phospholipids.


Emulsivet Advance combines the benefits of the two most advanced emulsification technologies available today. The combination of Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol Ricinoleate and lysophospholipids improves the nutrient utilization and overall performance of the poultry. GPGR acts in synergy with the lysophospholipids and natural bile salts in the Poultry gut. The combination not only enhances the absorption of fat/oil but also that of fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients. It has a two way action of emulsification and nutrient absorption.


  • • Lysophospholipids act as fluidity modulators which increase permeability resulting in a very rapid absorption of nutrients
  • • Lysophospholipids form tightly packed micelles that are well absorbed.

Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol Ricinoleate:

  • • It is hydropilic in nature and therefore is soluble in aqueous phase of small intestine.
  • • It consumes lesser energy in getting dissolved in gut by mechanical stirring.
  • • Breaks down fat into fine particles.
  • • Act as protective barrier to the diffusion of lipid oxidation initiators into the fat droplets.
  • • Reduces deterioration of fat/oil thereby optimizing their digestibility.
  • • Improves digestibility of amino acid, lysine and various nutrients.
  • • Enhances pelleting and Removes dustiness of the feeds.
  • • Reduces the incidences of pasty vent.


Improved digestibility of fat, aiding optimal utilization of metabolizable energy of fat/oil. improved digestibility of amino acids and other nutrients.

Benefits of Emulsivet advance over conventional emulsifiers:

  • • Extremely hydrophilic character in comparison to conventional lecithin or lysophospholipid based emulsifier which helps in increased solubility in aqueous phase of small intestine.
  • • Reduces interfacial tension between oil and water to a greater extent.
  • • Greatly influences the bile mimetic activity in gut to create mixed micelles.
  • • Optimizes the use of the energy available in the feed to its maximum.
  • • Reduced percentage of fat and protein excretion than conventional emulsifiers.
  • • Prevents pasty vent, wet litter and has effects on overall improved gut health.
  • • Pellets of consistent quality with stable moisture levels are produced.
  • • Homogenous distribution of fat, moisture and other ingredients in feed leading to smoother feed production.

Inclusion Levels:

Broiler/ Layer/ Breeder : 250-750 gm / ton of feed

Starter: 1000 gm / ton of feed
Finisher: 500 gm / ton of feed

Aqua 500 gm - 1000 gm / ton of feed
OR As suggested by the Nutritionist