Emulsivet (Biosurfactant and Emulsifier)


New Improved Bio-Surfactant and Emulsifier


25 kg


Emulsivet contains special and carefully controlled combination of Lysophospholipids, Phospholipids and Glycolipids


EMULSIVET Is a natural nutrient absorption enhancer and emulsifier which can be used to significantly improve animal performance by enhancing feed utilization.

It has Two Folds Working :

Emulsification : Better emulsification of fat molecules as having higher HLB values Nutrients absorption : Permeability of biological membrane increases as act as a fluidity modulators


Improved digestibility of fat, aiding optimal utilization of metabolizable energy of fat/oil

Benefits :

  • • Emulsivet ensures excellent digestibility of Fat there by aiding the optimal utilization of metabolizable energy.
  • • Emulsivet enhances the absorption of nutrients thus having higher matrix values.
  • • Emulsivet improves the bioavailability of both water soluble & fat soluble nutrients.
  • • Emulsivet helps in extracting maximum nutritional values from high density rations.
  • • Emulsivet minimizes abdominal fat.
  • • Emulsivet improves feed conversion ratio and overall performance.

Inclusion Levels:

In Feed:
Broiler / Layer / Breeder : 500 gms/ ton of feed