Butyvet SC 50

Butyvet SC 50

Granulated Premix
Sodium Butyrate 50% Coated for use in compound animal feeds


25 Kg


Each gm contains –
Sodium Butyrate 50 %
Lipid based Matrix 50 %


Butyvet SC 50 is Coated Sodium Butyrate 50% that has been protected with a special vegetable fatty acid matrix designed for slow release effect in the intestines and to eliminate the pungent smell of sodium butyrate. It consists of homogenous, white needle like granules.

Special Features:

• Slow targeted release
• Odorless and easy to handle in production
• Does not interference with any other ingredient in premix or feed


  • • Direct energy source for intestinal epithelial cells
  • • Repair damaged epithelial cells
  • • Increase intestinal villi height
  • • Increase feed intake
  • • improve the production performance
  • • Improve the group uniformity
  • • Decrease of intestinal bacterial colonization (in particular Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Campylobacter )
  • • Strong synergy with the antibiotic
  • • Growth promoting effect


As recommended by the Nutritionist