ATB BioPlus (Mycotoxin Binder)

ATB BioPlus

Broad-Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder


25 kg


Dipolar phylosilicate with purified Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicates, (HSCAS), Yeast cell wall components MOS (Mannan- Oligosaccharides), Activated carbon, Organic acids, their salts, Surfactants & Phytogenic derivatives.


ATB BioPlus is the most conclusive solution to the hidden mycotoxin problem. ATB BioPlus is a product developed through various researches, experiments and field trials to provide complete protection against mycotoxins to the birds.


Mycotoxin Binder, Mould Inhibitor


  • • ATB BioPlus is a wide spectrum toxin binder. It binds a wide range of mycotoxins present in feed- aflatoxins, ochratoxins, trichothecenes, etc. It binds both polar and bipolar mycotoxins.
  • • Dipolar phylosilicates in ATB BioPlus are sterilized by drying process and autoclaving between 100 to 150ºC which make the product free from any contamination, in order to avoid any possibility of infection in birds.
  • • ATB BioPlus forms stable and irreversible complex that are excreted by the birds.
  • • ATB BioPlus prevents growth of moulds and bacteria, thus reducing further production of mycotoxins.
  • • ATB BioPlus supports natural immune defences and helps prevent immunosuppression due to mycotoxins.
  • • ATB BioPlus selectively binds mycotoxins and spares vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • • ATB BioPlus has no residual effects or withdrawal periods.
  • • ATB BioPlus improves animal performance and productivity.
  • • ATB BioPlus is in dust form which flows easily and gets uniformly mixed in feed.

Inclusion Levels:

In Feed:

1 Kg / ton of feed
OR As recommended by nutritionist